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Funktional 1.0

Jeff & Tony, the original founders, started writing their first iPhone app in 2009 for the iPhone 2 OS (it didn't become iOS until later) and formally incorporated Funktional in the spring of 2010. Their first App Store release was a hit and Funktional took off. Over the next few years they built a history of awards and successful apps as well as helping startup clients launch their visions.

As sometimes happens though, we grew apart. In 2012, Jeff & Tony decided to part ways so that Tony could pursue a dream job in NYC in computer security and Jeff could devote full-time to his startup side-project Slingshop. Funktional was put into cryostasis awaiting the day in the future when it would be needed again.

Funktional 2.0

For Jeff the call to be independent again was just too strong. In the spring of 2014 Funktional was reborn. At the urging of his brilliant wife, Nika, Jeff recruited Mike, who had worked together with Jeff at Slingshop. At Mike's urging, they recruited Nika, who aside from being brilliant, also has an MBA and a CPA. Funktional has it's new founders and is open for business.

We're still a young consultancy but we're ready to help you with custom software design, architecture, development, or testing consulting.


Degrees and Such

Masters at Computer Science, Policy

We are so focused on code we just had to delve into the weeds of theory while we navigated the swamps of praxis. Not satisfied with just one aspect we tackled policy issues from business continuity to security and even the nebulous Accessiblity (heck we kinda wrote the spec on that last one).

Thought Leaders

We like to give back

It's all fine and good to do great work for companies and customers but with great power comes great responsibility. Our team has consistently worked with formal and informal consortia addressing the emerging issues of the industry. Most publicly one of our team was a member of the Web Content Accessiblity Workgroup and helped release the defacto international standard for Accessiblity (WCAG 2.0). So if you have questions on how CVAA impacts your product, well just ask.

We Build Things

Before We Set Out

We worked for some guys you know Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce

We didn't start out this pretty. It took time and hard work solving problems at enterprise scale to hone our skills in design, architecture, and program management.

And now on our own

Getting customers to market fast and right

Out of the gate we released an award winning app for our customer with FastCase. We have helped many more customers since with social analytics, sports loyalty, consumer, and family apps.

Client Testimonials

  • ... setting the standard for mobile legal research ... The Fastcase iPhone app is an extremely solid app which probably won’t be dethroned as the king of mobile legal research anytime soon.

    Joshua Auriemma of Legal Geekery
  • The guys at Funktional didn't just deliver solid code for us, they were essential to helping us understand the technical tradeoffs to get to market fast without cutting the important corners.

    Michael - Flashback

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